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COULD RYAN BE JO'S  forever home?


Feels Like Home

Celebrity novelist Johanna Morgan’s life in New York is a far cry from her childhood in a small Australian town. But when maid-of-honour duties have her returning home to Linden Gully, she’s forced to face the places—and memories—she’s been running from. Especially those of her ex, Ryan Galloway.

But Jo isn’t the only one with an invite to the wedding of the year.

Ryan—now a young widower—has settled in as the town’s vet and is finally rebuilding his life. Determined to keep an even keel for his young daughter, Ryan knows he needs to give Jo a wide berth.

As wedding duties and Ryan’s small daughter conspire to push them together, they both begin to realise that what lies between them isn’t just a memory. Can Jo really put the past behind her and make Linden Gully her home once more?

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The story behind the story

The Story Behind the Story...

I’m fascinated by the concept of what makes a place a home. After a very stable childhood in suburban Melbourne, I’ve spent my adult life moving. Fitting in and finding a place where I truly belong is something I seem to be constantly working on!

I’m also really interested in the way celebrities are depicted by the media and subsequently judged by society. It seems once a person has a public profile they are considered ‘fair game’ and anything at all (true or not) can be written about them.

This book melds these two areas of personal interest together. I explore what happens when Jo, a public figure, comes back to her hometown – a place where she doesn’t know if she truly belongs – and has to face the consequences of having her personal life dissected in the media.

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