No woman is ordinary...and neither is her story.

CAN BEA & CALLUM  find love?


Honey Hill House

When newly-divorced Bea Elliot rents an old farmhouse for a dollar a week in country New South Wales, she dreams of a successful B&B that will prove her strength and independence to her family—and herself. She definitely does not plan to fall in love.

And while Callum ‘Mitch’ Mitchell supports his ailing small town’s scheme to end their ‘people drought’, he’s determined not to get too close to the newcomers. Sure, his good manners mean he’ll be friendly and helpful but experience has taught him that romance and out-of-towners don’t mix.

Which means he definitely can’t have feelings for his tough, beautiful new next-door neighbour Bea Elliot.

If good fences make good neighbours, what happens when the barriers come tumbling down?

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The story behind the story

The Story Behind the Story...

This book is part of the “Dollar for a Dream” series, which I co-wrote with authors Jennie Jones and Catherine Evans. (First published in the anthology Last Chance Country.) Each book is a stand alone, but they share characters – all of whom live in the tiny town of Dulili.

This was honestly the most fun I have ever had writing a book! I loved having two other authors to bounce ideas off and who cared as much about the project as I did. The stories are all quite different but I think they work perfectly together.

Honey Hill House is a story about survival – both for the town and my protagonist, Bea, who is getting her life back together after surviving a life-threatening illness. This idea was originally sparked by a photo of a tattoo! I saw a gorgeous image of a woman who had a butterfly tattooed on her chest. She had the tattoo done to embrace her mastectomy scar and her story really moved me. It got me thinking about women who survive breast cancer and what this means for their lives going forward.

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