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ARE LIBBY & KIT  breaking up?

The Art of Friendship

It’s been twenty years since childhood besties Libby and Kit have lived close by. And although they’ve remained close, Libby’s life in Sydney and Kit’s in Melbourne have made it easy for them to keep secrets from each other.

But when Libby moves back to Melbourne, the two soon find the distance that had grown between them was more than physical and they’re forced to ask big questions about their friendship.

When life leads friends in vastly different directions, do you hang on? Or let go?

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The story behind the story

The Story Behind the Story...

When I read an article about ghosting in friendship, I suddenly realised that this had happened to me too. Up to that point, I’d had no idea how common this phenomenon is. I started to think about why some friendships last the distance and others don’t.

I really wanted to explore the idea of lifelong friendships and whether a shared history is enough to sustain them in the long term.

I think the answer to that question is a complex one; it certainly was for Libby and Kit!

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