No woman is ordinary...and neither is her story.


MEET  Mezz, Jewels, Ellie & Kat...

The Shape of Us

For four women who join an online weight loss program and form a deep friendship, the stakes are higher than the scales.

Each woman is determined that this time they’ll lose the weight for good…and they’ll finally have the life they so desperately want. But is weight loss really the key to finding happiness?

In a journey that will test so much more than their willpower, will Mezz, Jewels, Ellie and Kat finally learn to embrace themselves—and each other—before it’s too late?

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The story behind the story

The Story Behind the Story...

This book was originally inspired by a relationship I formed online with a woman in the USA. We were both members of an online message board for women who’d suffered a pregnancy loss. Becky and I didn’t really have anything in common on paper but we just clicked somehow and we went on to have a wonderful friendship that continues to this day.

I wanted to explore the intimacy that can develop between strangers online. I chose a weight loss forum as the meeting place for the characters as it’s a setting that I’m familiar with and I thought that many women would be able to relate to the theme of body dissatisfaction. The perpetual cycle of weight loss and gain that many of us seem to be caught up in fascinates me and I wanted to delve into the societal pressures that push us to be constantly at war with our own bodies. Prior to writing the book I was always on some sort of weight loss program, but doing the research for the novel changed the way I think about my body. My greatest hope is that reading the novel might have the same impact on some readers.

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