No woman is ordinary...and neither is her story.

Hope. Ambition. Friendship. Betrayal.



It’s 1955, and four talented young women become best friends while living at the Hollywood Studio Club, the famous boarding house for movie hopefuls.

Julia Newman is a rising star. As Goldstar Studios’ ‘new Grace Kelly’, she has been sent to the Club to keep her out of trouble, though Julia is just thrilled to finally make friends.

For Peggy Carmichael, Julia’s roommate, life is not so easy. She takes classes, auditions constantly, and grabs whatever bit-part is offered. Still, her ‘big break’ remains stubbornly out of reach.

Meanwhile, Vivienne Lockhart, the most talented actress of them all, is constantly reduced to ‘sexpot’ roles. She’ll do whatever it takes to succeed. But is she driven by ambition, or by a heartbreaking need to be loved?

Finally, there’s aspiring scriptwriter Sadie Shore, who has little interest in the trappings of fame. Particularly when she becomes the PA of a big studio boss and her eyes are opened to the perils of her friends’ dreams . . .

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Do you really know what happened to shirley at the end?

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